«Nel mondo di oggi c'è grande sete di Cristo e della libertà che Egli solo ci offre. Nelle case cattoliche e nella parrocchia i nostri fratelli devono trovare le fonti di acqua viva, le fonti di grazia divina, le fonti del Magistero della Chiesa e dei Sacramenti, specialmente, la Penitenza e la Sacra Eucaristia, che possono estinguere la sete spirituale di un mondo tristemente secolarizzato» (Cardinal Leo Raymond Burke, 26 Dicembre 2010)

domenica 19 marzo 2017

Vernal P. Hegenbart: "Gli attacchi contro il Cardinale Burke sono assurdi"

Once again, Vince Hatt launches a blistering attack on Cardinal Raymond Burke and to a lesser degree on Pope Francis. He accuses these leaders of the Roman Catholic Church of playing hardball and using big bats. I find this characterization of two good and holy church men to be extreme and vengeful, especially as it regards Cardinal Burke. Hatt seams to be most upset because when Burke was the bishop of the La Crosse Diocese, he objected to several speakers who were being sponsored by the Franciscan Spiritually Center when Hatt was director. He goes on to pedantically explain the advice he gave Bishop Burke regarding relationships, inclusion and discernment, but he only did so in his head. Hatt boasts that on one occasion he stood his ground when then-Bishop Burke insisted that a presentation by sister Joan Chittister be canceled, Chittister is well known for her dissident views and feminist activism. She castigates those opposed to abortion on demand as only caring about the baby being born with no concern for the mother or the baby after its birth, which is absolutely preposterous. She says she is only interested in inquiry while challenging Catholic teachings in a number of areas. Hatt and the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration then arranged to have Church Women United sponsor Chittister’s appearance. This in spite of the fact that after extensive research on CWU, I had disclosed in the diocesan newspaper its vigorous support of abortion- friendly legislation that of course is in direct opposition to Catholic teaching. This issue generated a lot of controversy and then Pat Slattery, staff writer of the Catholic Times, arranged for a print debate between Doris Younger, the then-president of CWU and myself. Younger clearly enunciated the position of CWU regarding abortion on demand when she stated the pro-abortion argument that the decision was up to the pregnant women as to whether to have an abortion or not. Certainly Bishop Burke was exercising his responsibility and his authority in opposing Chittisten’s appearance sponsored by Hatt and the FSPA. The FSPA has a history of rebellion, as when the United States Catholic Bishops opposed the passage of Obamacare because of the abortion issue, and the sisters supported it. In the Feb. 2 Tribune, ultra liberal columnist E.J. Dionne seems to criticize Steve Bannon, an adviser to President Trump, for reminding the world that radical Islam has a long history of attempting to force its religion and views on Christians and Jews. Dionne quotes Jason Horowitz of The New York Times as reporting that during a visit to Rome in 2014, Bannon met and “bonded” with Cardinal Burke, as if to infer some kind of guilt by association. Guilty of what, acknowledging recorded history? An AP article in the Feb. 17 Tribune states that Cardinal Burke has been criticized for his record of handling cases of abusive priests. It is true that he has questioned whether this abuse was always perpetrated by pedophiles or often by homosexuals, which is, of course, considered culturally incorrect, and unacceptable. They like to insist that homosexuals would never prey on children. In Dionne’s article he hints at the possibility of schism in the Church. Certainly his own agitation as well as that of Hatt and Chittister as well as segments of the FSPA and some radical homosexuals, could influence some to consider that horrible thought. But the Church as endured worse in the last 2,000+ years and will withstand this challenge as well. Cardinal Burke has the good character and tenacity to withstand attacks even when they are patently absurd. But they raise the question of why there attacks are so obviously vindictive, punitive and without merit to the point of calumny. I believe he is praying that God will forgive them for they know not what they do. I invite you to join me in praying for Cardinal Burke as he defends the holy Roman Catholic faith with vigor and truth.
Fonte: http://lacrossetribune.com/news/opinion/editorial/columnists/vernal-p-hegenbart-attacks-on-cardinal-burke-are-absurd/article_94a775b3-1853-52b6-afdb-ab5a81525bbe.html

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