«Nel mondo di oggi c'è grande sete di Cristo e della libertà che Egli solo ci offre. Nelle case cattoliche e nella parrocchia i nostri fratelli devono trovare le fonti di acqua viva, le fonti di grazia divina, le fonti del Magistero della Chiesa e dei Sacramenti, specialmente, la Penitenza e la Sacra Eucaristia, che possono estinguere la sete spirituale di un mondo tristemente secolarizzato» (Cardinal Leo Raymond Burke, 26 Dicembre 2010)

mercoledì 23 agosto 2017

Card. Burke: "C'è un crescente desiderio nei fedeli di culto sacro e vita santa"

Portland Archbishop Alexander Sample received loud applause and cheers when he proclaimed, “Every priest and seminarian should learn the extraordinary form of the Mass.”

More than 400 people from around the country descended on Sacred Heart Parish here for the 2017 Sacred Liturgy Conference, held July 12-15. 

The number of attendees far exceeded that of previous conferences and could be attributed to the special guests serving as conference faculty. These included Cardinal Raymond Burke, former St. Louis archbishop; Archbishop Sample; Bishop Robert Vasa of Santa Rosa, California; and San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone.

The conference, sponsored by Portland-based Schola Cantus Angelorum, focused on church history and Gregorian chant and its place in sacred liturgy. 

Conference attendees were able to attend lectures, Gregorian chant workshops and four traditional Masses celebrated by the bishops and cardinal.

Archbishop Sample celebrated a pontifical Mass in the ordinary form to open the conference. Following that, Bishop Vasa delivered the first lecture, reminding those gathered that the liturgy is the work of Jesus Christ himself.

Over the course of the conference, other guests delivered lectures on the importance of the sacred liturgy. Father Theodore Lange, pastor of St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Veneta and Oregon state chaplain for the Knights of Columbus, spoke on the effects that Gregorian chant can have on a priest. Using his personal experience, Father Lange described how his love for God is awakened in a different way when he celebrates Mass accompanied by chant.

Archbishop Sample delivered a lecture similar to one he gave earlier this year while at the International Liturgical Conference in Cologne, Germany. In it, the Portland shepherd remarked feeling cheated upon being unable to celebrate the traditional Latin liturgy until Pope Benedict XVI “released” it with his apostolic letter “Summorum Pontificum” in 2007. 

Despite the flow of workshops and lectures, there were many opportunities for conference attendees to interact with each other and with the special guests. A stream of people congregated around the bishops and Cardinal Burke for the opportunity to snap a photo, obtain an autograph or receive a blessing. 

Attendees came from all corners of the United States and even from Puerto Rico. Alan Aversa, who traveled to Medford from Arizona, remarked that the interactions allowed him to see how the liturgy has affected different people. “It shows that God works in mysterious ways,” Aversa said.

Msgr. Gerard O’Connor, a Massachusetts priest and newly hired director of the Office for Divine Worship for the Archdiocese of Portland, remarked that the conference highlights a continuance from the extraordinary form to the ordinary form.

All four Masses celebrated for conference attendees left Sacred Heart Parish packed, with the highlight for many being the celebration of a pontifical high Mass by Cardinal Burke on Friday night. During his homily, the cardinal thanked those in attendance for their dedication to the sacred liturgy. 

“The perfection of religion is to do the simple things, such as celebrating the Mass, in a perfect manner,” he said. 

The cardinal later commended the conference as a whole, calling it an efficacious work in the church. “This is an impressive gathering, and it speaks to a growing desire by the faithful to enter into sacred worship and therefore to live holier lives.” 

At the final dinner with the special guests it was announced that the 2018 Sacred Liturgy Conference will be held June 27-30 at St. Joseph Church in Salem. 

Guests will include Archbishop Sample, Msgr. O’Connor and former papal master of ceremonies Msgr. John Cihak.

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